Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its a boy

We found out that we are having a boy so we have a lot to look forward to. Setting aside the eternal arguement of what to name the baby lets take a ride into the future and figure out what this kid has coming to him. By analyzing Gina and my personalities and behaviors over the past 28 years we can get a real good sneak peak into what to expect.

One thing we can be sure of is our son is going to be a serious athlete. Using my world dominating football, baseball, street hockey, pickle ball, volleyball, raquetball and basketball skills combined with Gina's ferocious soccer and basketball skills this kid should be running circles around the other kids by age 3. This is no surprise when you combine such athletic pedigrees.

Second, our son will love doing homework and no get bogged down with the social aspect of school. Gina and I were the type of stundent that was obsessed with completing our homework on time and at 100%. If a teacher didn't supply the homework we would often make up assignments to keep ourselves occupied. It was a sick habit but we were always academic overacheivers specificly in high school.

Finally, it is safe to expect our son to shy away from the social activities often associated with high school students. Extra curicular activites like partying and sneaking out are something that are not common in Gina and my history. Our son will probably be home studying the thesaurus and preparing his essay for his law school application.

I felt him kick last night and it was something else. I still can't really comprehend that our son...a mini me (hopefully only the good qualities) will be part of our family in 4 months. I love you Gina, you do good work!!


Patty said...

I think my little grandson will break the mold and be just like his sweet, so cute and always thinking of others! Right?
Cannot wait to welcome him.

Anonymous said...

I think your mind is in the right place Tim, except for one little aspect....Gina's basketball experience. Now I know she claims she played varsity or whatever (still don't buy it);) It will be a good thing if he ends up getting your street hockey or pickle ball skills...those are wicked!!! I hear that pickle ball is the new tennis so maybe he will be in the olympics in 2024:)

Love yas!!!

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