Saturday, January 17, 2009

1 month Pictures

Last weekend Tim's friend from work, who does Photography as a hobby came over and took some pictures of Donovan and the fam! She did a great job and I love every single picture so the ones posted are some of my favorites! Donovan was very good, no breakdowns and loved getting his picture taken! It was a lot of fun, and I already have her scheduled to come for his 6 month pictures!

Donovan has had a few rough weeks, just fussy all day long. I realize that baby's are going to cry, but all day long and not sleeping, I decided I needed some help. We went to the pediatrician on Monday. SHe asked how much I was feeding him I told her 4 oz, every few hours. She thought he was over eating, which was leading him to have a stomach ache. He had gained 18 oz, in 12 days, which was double of what she would have liked to have seen. He is definately a Marco, eating until he pukes, and until he is sick. Ok not ALL Marco's just my husband. So we cut that down to 3 oz, and has made a huge difference, he is a much happier baby, which makes much happier parents!
Tim's parents are coming tonight to babysit, Tim and I are going out to dinner for the first time since Donovan was born. I am very excited! My parents are going to Madison Monday and stopping here. It will be fun to see if they think he has changed!


Angi said...

These pictures are awesome. I can't wait to see the rest of them. I just love the one with Tim kissing his hand. It looks so tiny.

I can't believe he is already overeating, he is definitely Tim's son!

Love ya,


Unknown said...

I hope you had a great date night - you definitely needed it!

Love all of the pictures...


Unknown said...

Oops....apparently I was signed in as B. Oh well, you know it was me :)

Carissa said...

Hope you had a great date night together! Love all the pics

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