Monday, June 27, 2011

Twins game

Darcy's parents and their crazy friends and relatives invited us milwaukeeians to the Twins/Brewers game this last weekend! What a blast! Best seats in the house along third base line front row, I mean I could pretty much see the dimples in the players butts!!!! I told Tim I wasn't going to another baseball game again unless we have seats like that, I mean I actually had a really good time....watching baseball! I know, it was that amazing!! Got to catch up with Darcy and Marissa, I swear every single time I hang out with my friends from MN, it makes me want to move back even more!!! Thanks Brian and Julie for the awesome tickets and parking by the handicap....perfect!!!!

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Diane said...

Great pictures - How fun! Good seats at a game make all the difference!

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