Saturday, December 31, 2011


X-mas decorations up!

                                                                  Birthday boy turns 3!
                                                           Princess is just that....a princess!
                                               Birthday Boys donut cake.....he loves donuts! (thanks aunt fricky!!!)

                                               Life is good when you are 3!
                                           Stomach flu round #2, Christmas eve morning!!

                                            Christmas Eve, things are looking up!
                                               Ryann's new baby!!!
                                           Yes, our baby has blue eyes!!!
                                               The girls!
                                                    Santa's goodness!!

Ever since Donovan was born mid December, I knew that our Holidays/month of December was going to be crazy! Well add sickness's and a newborn into that mix and things have gotten OUT OF CONTROL!! Fun but very busy! I am not going to blog by activity, I am blogging about the month! Birthday party, decorating for x-mas, stomach flu, another trip to the ER with Ryann with a high fever, back to work for me, visitors for christmas we are happy to announce at this moment, we are healthy, happy and feel very blessed for a great 2011! Now on to 2012, i think will be an exciting year for the Marcos!!! Happy New year to you all!

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