Tuesday, June 24, 2008

13 weeks Pregnant!

Hey All!

So I am attempting this blog for all of you I don't see on a regular basis to watch me grow throughout my pregnancy. The pictures will hopefully be updated as I get bigger, or more importantly remember to take pictures for the blog. For those of you who don't know, I AM PREGNANT! We are due December 26th, and we found out in 6 weeks what we are having. We have had one ultrasound and heard the heartbeat! Both amazing experiences, which have truly made this experience more real. Feeling good at 13 weeks, have had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. Not much of an appetite at the beginning but that is slowly coming back. More energy, which is good as well! I feel like my belly is expanding and my wadrobe is definately feeling it!
We are very excited to meet baby Marco!!!!


Diane said...

HOW CUTE!!! Can't wait to see you on Friday! You look wonderful and I can't wait meet baby Marco in December!

Love Mom & Dad

Carissa said...

Love the blog Gina! What a great way to keep all of us updated on litte baby Marco. You are looking cute as ever with that little babe. Love ya! Carissa

Rachel said...

Gina- This is so exciting! Feel free to use Rachel as a name if you guys have a girl. Just kidding I'm so happy for you guys. Take care of yourself and your belly.
talk soon-
rachel r :)

Rachel said...

Gina - I'm so excited you finally got the blog up. I pretty much have checked it daily already, so keep the posts (and pictures) comoing!!

Love ya - Rach

Joel and Darcy said...

Gina you are adorable! I love that you have this blog! I will be checking in often to check out that baby bump and see how things are going for you! Love you!!


Unknown said...

Wow! great pics! I have been reading your weblog for several months now and I enjoy it.Congratulations on your pregnancy!13 weeks pregnant

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