Monday, June 30, 2008

Dad's Corner - Introduction

Good day all! I'm Tim Marco, the proud father of Baby Marco and husband of Gina. As an introduction to Dad's Corner, I will be posting editorial and opinion columns on key subjects during the pregnancy. Specifically, my trials, tribulations, and how the pregnancy has affected me.

Look, we all know it is all about Gina and the Baby. This is simply a means to bring the spotlight back to me (and Payton)...joking! Seriously though, I have no idea what I am doing and people have laughed at, and with, me my entire life. So I thought I could share some of my experiences with the people that surround me.

I will update Dad's Corner on an as needed basis. It may be daily, it may be weekly so make sure to check back often. If you miss any, you can review the archived posts.



Rachel said...

Tim -

I am so excited to hear your take on anything Baby...and Gina :)

I'm sure your witty self will have many stories to tell!


Angi said...


This should be very amusing! I can't wait to hear your perspective!

Love ya,


Ratchetclankfan96 said...
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Ratchetclankfan96 said...
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Ratchetclankfan96 said...

tim this is jake ur cuz from chicago if u ever have time please send me an email at looking forward to having a new cousin

Ratchetclankfan96 said...

hi tim its jake again i got my own blog so chek it out

Ratchetclankfan96 said...

hey tim send me an email if u know how to put music on ur blog alright see ya

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