Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goldfish explosion

We made a trip to Madison, last weekend for a Wedding, and Donovan can last about 1 hour or so in the car with out getting bored and fussy. Which is pretty good for him. He was starting to fuss, so giving him anything other then a toy to play with seems to go over pretty well.

He loves bags and things that make a crunchy noise. I had a bag of goldfish for him to play with and chew on since he is teething. I didn't think he could puncture it until I turned around and saw this.

I had to get a closer look. He was in heaven! So was payton!

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Rachel said...

SO FUNNY! Don't you love how your car will never be the same after your babe starts eating solids!? Pretty soon it will be apples from McDonalds scattered on the floor :)

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