Saturday, September 19, 2009

What road block????

So Donovan's obessision is to play with the stero system dials and change all sorts of things that I have no idea how to get back to making the stero work with the TV, so I decided to put the coffee table in front of the TV so he doesn't get to it to change anything. Note: We have a thousand toys for Donovan to play with but he insists on playing with anything but those toys. Well it didn't take to long for him to figure out how to get past the road block.

He is crusing now, holding on to furniture and walking along with standing up without holding on to anything. I think we will have a walker before he turns one. He is moving non stop, I am constently redirecting him. He has figured out how to open cupboards and drawers. Oh boy!!!


Diane said...


How cute! He really looks like he knows what he is doing - watch out!
Can't wait to see everyone in a couple of weeks!

Audri is so beautiful - you sure forget how small they are!


Angi said...

Too funny! Johnny is the same way. He is obsessed with everything under the TV and nothing stops him to get to it. I too put things up in front of it to block him. It took him about a day to figure out how to just climb over everything. Boys!


Carissa said...

What a doll! Smart little man!

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