Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dad's Corner - Chapter 1 - Preview into the Future

About a week ago, to be exact, our mutant dog awoke at approximately 2:30am with issues. He was crying and licking the floor and taking in air at a rapid rate. This has happened in the past and usually it plays out like this: we give him gas-ex, he throws up then he farts and burps himself to sleep. Now, in this case, we decided to take him down to the family room so he could throw up on the laminate floors. I know what you're all thinking, this is my first test to get up in the middle of the night....I wasn't.

Gina gave the dog (Payton) his gas-ex and we were on our way. As exhausted as I was, I managed to make it down to the family room. Gina asked me if we should call the vet, I said "why" and she thought I was yelling at her. At that point I realized I was going to be best served as moral support on the couch. After Gina's phone call to the vet she made Payton some bland diet to help his stomach and I had my hand over my eyes mentally wishing Payton to feel better. Finally, at 3:45am, after petting the gas out of Payton from my spot on the couch we took him upstairs to bed.

When we got to bed Gina asked if he needed to go to the bathroom. After the night we had I said "no". Apparently she wasn't asking me, she was implying that I take him myself. Opps...missed the hint and closed my eyes. She was quickly back to bed (apparently he did have to go, how was I to know) and asked 'is this how you are going to be when we have kids?'. Before I answer, it is important to note this is not the first or last time I will hear this. Anyways, my answer is as follows: "Don't underestimate the power of moral support" then I fell asleep.

What we learned tonight is that I am not good at getting up in the middle of the night but I am witty all hours of the day. Unfortunately, witty doesn't impress Gina so I might set my alarm tonight for 3am to make a milk shake. I bet I'd wake up for that!!


Patty said...

Like Father like son. I am so sorry Gina. Maybe Tim is still trainable!! I love the blog from both perspectives.

Carissa said...

I am excited to hear all about Gina and baby through you! We all know you will have a fun spin on how things go!
Hope you are well

aunt pat said...

Hi Tim and Gina:
Sorry I didn't write soon but your cousin Jake had to guide me on the sign in. He rocks!
I have enjoyed both your comments and have had a few good laughs. Look forward to more. If you can send an email to Jake He would love to hear from you. Love ya
Aunt Pat

Diane said...


You will make a wonderful father! With your sense of humor - you can make it through anything!


aunt pat said...

Hi Gina:
That is a cute little will be fun to watch it grow.

Love ya both
Aunt Pat

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