Monday, July 14, 2008

16 weeks!

Sorry this one has taken so long, I couldn't get my computer to copy the picture from my camera! We are good to go now though. So I had my 16 week appointment on Thursday. All is good the heartbeat was at 150 bpm, which is down from last month when it was at 170 bpm, it is totall normal though I hurried home to do my google research as as the fetus gets bigger the heartbeat drops a little. The nurse noticed that I have a little belly, which made me smile so we get into the room and she takes my blood pressure and then tells me to hop on the scale. I couldn't wait to see how much my little bumped weighed! To my surprise she says "you lost two pounds!" I was like "WHAT!" I was so excited about my little belly, and then I lost two pounds!
Tim soon comes in and I tell him the news! He jumps on the scale (which he does everytime) the nurse is gone by the way, and says "well we know where the two pounds went". So at least my husband is gaining the baby weight! The dcotor isn't concerned, I just need to start gaining by 20 weeks. That little one in there must be just eating up everything I put in my body!
So after my appointment I made a stop at McDonald's and got a double cheeseburger meal, I thought I deserved that!
These weeks are going so fast, and I am getting very excited. Next month we find out what we are having already! I have a feeling that it is a boy, but sometimes I called it a she. All my dreams are about boy babies and my mom thinks it is a boy! I just can't wait! We just really want it to be healthy and happy!

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