Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Almost 26 Weeks!

Sorry for the delay, I missed my 25 week entry all together but I do have an excuse! It has been quite an eventful week.

My mom came last Wednesday, then we had an ultrasound on Thursday to try to see the 4 heart chambers which we couldn't see at the last ultrasound. Well our little boy wasn't cooperating so we didn't get any good shots, but his little thingy didn't fall off so that is a good thing! So I had another ultrasound scheduled for next month. The doctor isn't too concerned, but wants to make sure everything is developing how it should be. Also, I gained 7 lbs in one month! Tim was shocked!!
Friday night Tim's parents came and had dinner with us and my mom, Tim cooked and was great of course, it was a fun night! Saturday night Brandon (my brother) and his girlfriend Andrea came because we were supposed to go to my cousin's wedding that night. Friday night and saturday morning I had some spotting and abdominal tightness. I wasn't overly concerned mostly because I probably didn't want to worry and he is moving around like crazy (which is always reassuring), but my mom being a mom insisted that I call the doctor. I called and after the nurse paging her three times finally called me back. She suggested I not go and to just take it easy for the night and relax. So we all stayed back and hung out at the house. It was difficult to not do ANYTHING since I felt fine, but as Tim and my mom reminded me that it isn't just about me anymore!

Monday my mom and I were supposed to leave for Madison before heading up north to my grandma's. I called the doctor monday morning as she requested. I talked to the nurse and she said she will call back if the doctor wanted me to come in. I thought I was good to go, no issues since saturday just a few times during the night some abdominal tightness. We got in the car to head to Madison and the Doctor called, she wanted to see me that day. Change of plans again! Tim and I went in for an ultrasound everything looked good we even got a really good 3d picture of him and right as we were about to talk more about this trip I was going on the doctor was called into delivery! So there I was left in the room with no answers again! (we did get a great picture of the 4 heart chambers too, so that was good!)She said she would call me.

I am thinking ok, everything looked good we should be out of here in the next hour. Well she called back and said that even though everything looked ok, with the combination of symptoms she thought it would be best if I was put on light bed rest. Moving 1-2 hours a day, and taking it easy for the next week until I come in for an ultrasound next monday.

I Didn't realize how hard this was going to be for me, no running errands, no walking Payton, no cooking, no cleaning, really I need to do pretty much nothing. To most people that doesn't sound to bad, but I didn't realize how much I move throughout the day. It was really hard, having my mom here during the day asking me what I was doing up and Tim at night telling me to lay down! I think I am going to need a vacation after this bedrest! I guess it is better to be on one week of bedrest in 14 more weeks! I will stop complaining and just relax!

Then Last night my dad called my mom and their dog Harley has had some issues over the past few weeks and had gotten really sick during the day. If he doesn't get better they may have to put him down. I of all people understand that a pet is part of a family and my mom needed to be home with her dog and decide what they are going to do to get him better. I will miss the vaccuming, cleaning, grocery shopping, and the dinner making she did all week! It was so nice to have her here, she was and will be a great help after this little one decides to make his apperance! My mom left this morning at 3:30 to get on an early flight back home! I wish she didn't have to leave so soon, but completly understand! Thanks mom for all your help!

So today, I was on my own not to move, it was hard but I think I did a pretty good job. Only 4 more days! Then hopefully I will get the ok to go back to normal. Tim has been a great help today, I think he will have good nights of sleep this week, he has been non stop. It is amazing how much of the responsibilities as a couple you share, and one person doing everything is pretty difficult! So thank you Tim for not complaining and pulling through this week as well! We make a pretty good team!

I will post next week to update you all on my next ultrasound, pray that it turns out fine and that these next few weeks will go as smoothly as my last 25!

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