Wednesday, October 10, 2012

She's ONE!

Can't even wrap my head around the fact that my baby is 1. I don't even think I know what to do with that information. I can't believe how much she has grown! Ryann you have been an absolute blessing to this family. You bring a sense of peace, calm and true joy. It has been such a fun year and watching Ryann grow into her first year it is amazing how much fun it is to raise a boy and a girl. I am looking forward to the many more differences between them. One thing for sure, both of my kids are strong, friendly, and are LOVED so much! We are blessed! Here is a preview of the party! Best part is my mom showed up at the party, without me having any knowledge!!! She flew in for the party, because she just couldn't miss it! Man, that girl is lucky and so are we!!! Happy Birthday Ry! We love you soooooo much!

About Me

The Marco Family consists of Gina (mom), Tim (dad), and 3 year old donovan (son) and 1 yeal old Ryann (daughter)! As a family we feel completly blessed! We enjoy everyday together as a family and want to share all of our experiences and happiness with family and friends!