Tuesday, September 20, 2011

36 weeks!

I can't believe how fast this time has went, well the first weeks were long, but since 12 weeks, it has just flown by! It is amazing how this time around, you don't have time to just focus on the pregnancy, you (well at least we) have a 2 year old to laugh at, discipline, and keep up with. Which he has kept us busy doing all three! I can't wait to see Donovan as a big brother, I think he will fit in the role perfectly and be very protective (after he realizes that she is here to stay which may be many months from now!!!) Since you asked.....I am feeling the pregnancy effects now, my feet hurt, my joints in my hands hurt (weird) and of course my back and heartburn. I can't say I didn't know this all was coming! We are ready to meet our girl! I haven't quite excepted the fact that this baby may not make an early appearance like Donovan did so here's to hoping that she comes when she is ready and she is ready early!! Below is a picture of me 20 weeks ago!! 

About Me

The Marco Family consists of Gina (mom), Tim (dad), and 3 year old donovan (son) and 1 yeal old Ryann (daughter)! As a family we feel completly blessed! We enjoy everyday together as a family and want to share all of our experiences and happiness with family and friends!