Friday, December 12, 2008

38 Weeks

No Baby yet! Patently waiting! Every little crampy feeling, braxton hix, I am paying attention! We had a few things happen this week, last weekend I woke up on Saturday and noticed I was breathing a little easier. Looking down my belly looked a little different. I asked Tim if it looked like the baby had dropped and he was like "oh my god yeah!" Throughout the day, walking, and doing normal activities were starting to get a little painful. Standing up is a chore.

We got the rest of the stuff we needed from Babies'r us this weekend, and from Tim's family the Chicago clan, who got us our stroller, play gym, and exersaucer! Thank you very much to all of them!

We got our christmas tree on Saturday and after, 1 fallen tree, 2 trips to home depot, and one to another hardware store we finally got a tree stand that worked on our 9 foot christmas tree that Tim insisted we have. We can't even put an Angel on top. We wonder everyday if that tree is going to stumble over. It is a pretty tree and looks great in our living room.

At my appointment this week, the doctor examined me and I am measuring 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced, which she said is really good. Anyday now, we are ready!

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The Marco Family consists of Gina (mom), Tim (dad), and 3 year old donovan (son) and 1 yeal old Ryann (daughter)! As a family we feel completly blessed! We enjoy everyday together as a family and want to share all of our experiences and happiness with family and friends!