Monday, January 25, 2010

Drool much???

So this is not a joke, Donovan drools A LOT! It is almost in his armpits. Disgusting. I am hoping his molars come in soon, so maybe this slows down, otherwise he is not going to have too many friends!

Lots of baby cuddle time!

Baby Fin, chillin!
Fin is my great friend Rach's baby, who is now 8 weeks old, she is absolutly adorable and it was great to meet her....her mom looks amazing for having a baby 8 weeks ago! She is ALL GIRL!!!!! I love it!

Then there is Parker man! My great friend Darcy had her baby last week on Wednesday morning and I took a flight up to see the little guy and welcome them home with the proud parents, pround "aunties" and real aunt and grandma! I was so excited to be there! Parker is growing, eating like a little guy should! What a miracle!
It actually really made me want another one real soon!

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The Marco Family consists of Gina (mom), Tim (dad), and 3 year old donovan (son) and 1 yeal old Ryann (daughter)! As a family we feel completly blessed! We enjoy everyday together as a family and want to share all of our experiences and happiness with family and friends!