Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Marco Christmas

So for Christmas I got a new SLR camera!!! I love it and now I am obsessed with taking pictures! So here are a few from our family Christmas with the Marco side!
Future men....loving Diego!

                                                                 Audri Anne cute as can be

                                                                 Donovan helping "decorate cookies"

                                               Sweetest little girl I know!
                                              If anyone know how many takes it took to take this picture!

Best buds!!!!

JJ, best 3 year old babysitter!!!
                                                Story of Donovan's weekend...hoarding all of his toys so Johnny couldn't play with them!
                                                    Best family photo we got

Pure Joy Christmas morning!!!!!

this picture itself was worth the couple hundred dollar camera!

About Me

The Marco Family consists of Gina (mom), Tim (dad), and 3 year old donovan (son) and 1 yeal old Ryann (daughter)! As a family we feel completly blessed! We enjoy everyday together as a family and want to share all of our experiences and happiness with family and friends!