Friday, March 19, 2010

Sorry no pics!

I know, I am such a bad mom, I don't have any pictures, it is almost impossible to keep up with Donovan at this point, so I am not even attempting to take a picture of his back or of him crying!
We went to Madison last weekend and he got some quality time with Aunt Krissy and Grandma Patty, J, and Aunt Michelle. IT was a fun time and Donovan kept us all entertained.

Donovan had his 15 month appointment on monday which went well! He is growing and took his shots like a champ! Those are it now until he is two which is great! His pediatrician was asking me a bunch of questions and we talked about a few of my concerns that Donovan is babbling a ton and has a lot to say but isn't really saying any words yet. He also can follow some directions, but doesn't point to Momma and Dada when asked, doesn't give kisses when asked. With my back ground in Child Development, this concerned me but not too much because he is communicating with us just not quite verbally like we would like. Anyway, long story short, she suggested he gets evalutaed by Birth-3 which is a service in most countys that come into your home and work with kids one on one to help accomplish goals that the case worker and parents create. I have worked with a lot of kids who have been a part of that program and it is a great thing. As a parent obviously this is not exactly what you want for your kid, but we are open. A woman from Luthern Social Services came today and asked me a bunch of questions, he is doing great in gross motor, fine motor, prentend play, sensory , just was low on communication. Next step we have a speech therapist come to our house and do an eval with Donovan to see where he stands on the scale developmentally.

Tim and I are not concerned. Tim didn't talk until he was 2. I talked really early but I pretty much have excelled in everything I have ever done :). No, but really we think Donovan is on his own agenda, and has his own pace, his personality works for him, he is communicating with us, the verbal part isn't quite ther yet. If we do have a speech therapist come in on a regular basis, then he is just gonig to get that extra push that he needs to get those noises to make sense. I want to do what we can now, so that hopefully there isn't much of any struggle when he is in school.

I will keep you all posted on what the Speech therapist says! Hopefully I can get some picture up soon!

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