Friday, November 21, 2008

35 weeks and getting uncomfortable!

It has been two weeks, so thank you fellow blog followers for your patience!

OK, I know, I have had the easiest pregnancy so far and that it is about time, I start feeling the effects! Well I have! So if you don't want to hear me complain you can stop reading now! :)

I am achy, sore, my pelvis feels like I have been kicked in it multiple times esepcially when i stand up, I feel like I couldn't get any bigger, my skin is stretching to it max! Our wonderful baby boy is resting in my ribs, and sometimes he will give me a little kick to remind me that he could make it worse. There aren't those slight little kicks anymore, they is full on belly movement. It is getting difficult to sit at a desk all day, so walking around is a must. Laying down is probably the most comfortable position, but that is unrealistic!!

Ok, I am done complaining for awhile now! Tim tried to compare these side effects to things he has experienced and that he really knows what I am going through! That is sweet and all, but he has no idea.

We meet Cameron Biller last weekend and he is adorable. It is weird to see your friends as Parents, when you have seen them do so many stupid things, i.e. Joe and his one armed push-ups wasted! Melissa and Joe are great parents and it seems to come so naturally to them! He is a sweet boy that is for sure!

So we have got about 5 more weeks to go, and I know it is going to fly by! Michigan plays Ohio State this weekend, then College football is done, so if baby Marco can hold off this weekend, I think we will have Tim at 100% attention if I go into labor! :)
I start going to the doctor every week now, and at my last appointment she said I was measuring a little bigger then normal, I was like "no kidding, look at me!" I am not sure that means anything but that I am a big girl right now! They check next week Tuesday to see if I am dialated at all!

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