Thursday, September 25, 2008

27 weeks

Went to my appointment monday to see if I could get off of bedrest, and it went very well. Doctor checked me out asked me questions and she gave me the ok to slowly get back to my normal schedule. I haven't necessarily gone back slowly, but I am trying to stop lifting heavy things, and acting pregnant. I had gained 3 lbs in one week, so doing nothing definately had affected me and my belly!

On Tuesday we had our first birthing class. It was very informative, we talked about labor and the three phases as well as the birth process. Quite a crazy sequence of events! Amazing how the baby and your body just know what do to. Then we watched a natural birth and by natural I mean natural. We saw everything! Let me tell you, it was scary. I can't believe woman have given birth for thousands of years and survive to talk about it! I am going to try to not think about that video for the next few weeks. But has made my decision more clear that there will be an epidural! Tim on the other hand I don't think watched it at all. I believe his head was down the whole time, avoiding the entire scene. There probably is a reason why the women are the ones giving birth.
We got a tour of the birthing center, and we were so impressed with how nice it was, it is pretty much brand new. All the suites are on one level so it will be easy for all of our guests to find us. The bathroom is huge and nicer then the one at our house. Tim's favorite part was not the skinny pull out chair, but it was the room service. We can order food any time of day and they bring it right to us. I will have the baby and stay all in the same room. It is a pretty nice set-up.

Feeling good, belly seems to be getting bigger by the day. It is getting a little more difficult to tie my shoes and bend over. I can't believe in 13 weeks, we are going to have a baby boy! I am feeling a little unprepared at the moment, not having anything baby ready, but I guess there is time for that. I am pressuring Tim to finish the baby's room, but with Michigan football on Saturday and Bears on Sunday, My time is limited!

Until next time~

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