Friday, February 20, 2009

First shots

Donovan had his 8 week appointment yesterday. He actually will be 10 weeks on Sunday. He weighs 12 lbs 0 oz and is in the 50th percentile for height and weight. Just average, but not in my mind! He is quite an amazing little boy. Just when I think I couldn't fall in love anymore, I wake up the next morning and it happens again. Especially when he has a night like he did last night. It was probably from his traumatic experience with the shots, but he slept from 7:30 until 4:30 in the morning! I couldn't believe it, I went to check to see if he was still breathing at 3:30. There he was sleeping like an angel!

During his appointment he was smiley and cooing for the doctor. Then she gave him those nasty shots. He went from smiling to bright red in the face so pissed that he stopped breathing for a second, then let out a huge cry. NOt that I have never heard him cry before, but it is amazing how when he cries cause he hungry, wet, or tired you want to soothe him and do what it takes to make it better, but when he cries because he is in pain, wow it made my heart break and all I wanted to do was make it all better. He calmed down right when I picked him up. That in itself was amazing that someone can love you so much that they immediately feel better once they feel protected by you. AMAZING! Yesterday was the first day that I truly felt how much he loved me and relied on me. wouldn't trade that in for the world.
Tim and I went out to eat with my brother in law and sister in law, Mason and Michelle for Valentines Day, it was a lot of fun. Grandma Marco babysat! She was in heaven with my neice Jaelynn, Donovan, and Payton all to herself. I think she probably could have done without Payton, but we won't tell him that. JJ was a big help with Donovan, she rocked him (a little too hard) put his paci back in his mouth (a little too hard) but she loves her little cousin! She has a baby too and did whatever grandma did with Donovan, like rocked him, bounced him, shushed him. She is adorable!

I start work on MOnday, and although I am looking forward to getting out of the house, these past 10 weeks have been challenging, rewarding, joyful, and unforgettable. There is nothing like having your first child and those first few weeks at home. Donovan has taught me so much already. I will never forget this time we had together alone bonding, we had bad days and very good days, but everyday I feel blessed to have him in my life. I will miss him while I am at work and he is at daycare, but I know that going to pick him up will be the highlight of my day!


Rachel said...

He's getting so big, Gina! Oh my gosh, what a cutie. And Jaelynn is getting so big, too!!

Carissa said...

I can't belive Donovan is 10 weeks already! WOW! He is such a doll! Good luck with your new job. I hope it goes well.

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