Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best ever.....

Last weekend Tim and I headed up to Minnesota to surprise a friend on her 30th, it was successful!!!! She had no idea! The following day my friends surprised me as well... successful once again! Not only did I get to spend the best weekend ever with my girls and their husbands, but I got to see their most adorable little babies!!! Got some cuddle time in with those who would let me!!! Thanks girls and guys for the best ever!!!
                                            Cohen Chap.... absolutely adorable and full of chunkiness!!
                                                    Parker man.....can't believe he just turned one!

                                    No pictures of me and fin, but she is all girl and another adorable one!

                                                                   Best ever.......

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Carissa said...

Sure was a wonderful weekend! So good to see you!

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