Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Girls Room

So I went back and forth before we found out what we were having if we were going to redo the baby's room. Of course I told Tim that the bedding we bought for Donovan could go either way boy or girl. Until we found out we were having a girl, then all of that was out the window, what if this was my only girl!?! We are goin' girly!!! I kept the paint color, my one favor to Tim, but just added some pink, fuchia, and peach! I love it! I didn't buy any bedding, I just kind of went off colors that I like and I think of when I think GIRL!!!
Above the crib isn't quite done, I plan on sticking in her initials in between each of the circles hanging from the same fabric that is in the circles

My grandpa made this chair for me when I was little, it was brown, for Donovan it was white and for princess Marco it is peach! It will hopefully last through all of my kids jumping off of it!!!

Love this corner, I bought this pink table at a rummage sale where I work and Tim painted it pink and the drawers orange! I just love it! 

In 7 weeks or less a baby girl and me will be spending many nights in this room!! It is like I completely forgot what is going to be like to have a newborn (for good reason I think) Sleep deprived, running on coffee, I will be a mother of two! Donovan has brought so much joy and laughter into our everyday that I can't wait to see what this one has in store!


Diane said...

It is so beautiful! Can't wait to meet her - she will love her new room!!!!

Rachel said...

SOOOO exciting, and so cute, G. I can't wait to hold the tiny babe :) Hang in there!

Carissa said...

Love it Gina! Can't wait to come out and see you and that new little baby girl when she arrives!!

Bassett Swanson said...

So cute Gina! Love the room and I cant believe you are going to be a Mommy of 2! CRAZY. hope you are feeling good Mamma!

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