Sunday, July 20, 2008

The "Basenji" baby, fact...or fiction....

Okay, so I am very over due on my updates so I am hoping to get many of my updates posted over the next couple of weeks. Mostly because once we find out the sex, I envision a multitude of new chapters to write about. Anyways, without further ado....

A wise man (my father) once told me the best dog to get was a Baseji because they are not physically capapble of barking. Unfortunately, we own the converse of the Basenji but that is another blog altogether. As I talk to many friends, associates, and any one with insight into child rearing I get mixed reaction as to the crying fator of a baby. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a baby that will never speak, just a baby that is absent of crying during the first few years.

Hopefully the Basenji "factor" will follow though the different stages of growth. After the baby gets old enough to talk and cry, a kid that doesn't whine. After that, a teenager that doesn't talk back. The Basenji child will help me extend my life expectancy and greatly improve my golf game by maximizing sleep and minimizing stress.

Plus, I have Gina who cries, whines and talks back so I think I am due a break for the next few decades. I life is so tough. Its just that no one told me the results of marrying way out of your league. I picked a good time to over acheive!!


Patty said...

You are too funny dear son! I have not stopped laughing.

Diane said...

Hi Tim,

You make me laugh too! I know whenever I am feeling down just read one of your blogs!

Love ya

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