Friday, August 1, 2008

19 weeks!

So this week was a little uneventful, I feel like I am getting bigger but by the looks of all these pictures I seem to look the same every week. huh? Anyway last weekend we had our nieces Jaelynn, who is 14 months and Alex who is 17 months, it was so fun!!! They are at the cutest age right now, there was some crying mostly because of our oversized dog who thought their toys were his toys. Which will be a whole new feat after the baby is born. They definately kept things interesting, we had a diaper party (Tim really wanted to join in but I convinced him to keep his pants on), we went to the park, and just watched them play. You really start to think what did we do before they were around! Alex and Jaelynn are complete opposites, Jaelynn the younger one looks after Alex and treats her like a little baby, already the mothering type! It was a lot of fun and we were sad to see them go. Watching Tim with the girls was so cute too, he is going to make a great dad! Almost one year ago, we got married, so much has happened in one year and we are very blessed. Happy Anniversary Tim!

As far as my pregnancy feeling good, gaining weight slowly, but it is happening, so that is good, my only complant, and I won't go into much detail one word, constipation. I will stop there, but it sucks! 2 weeks until we find out the sex, I am dying to know, baby better cooperate that day! Next week half way there!!!!

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Carissa said...

Hey G-
You are looking so cute! I can't believe you are half way already. Yay!!!

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